Maccabean revolt

Jerusalem is declared capital of Israel - Jerusalem reunited when Old City is captured. Antiochus was defeated and suffered great loss.

Nearly 2, years after the life and death of Yeshua the Messiah, we have a tendency to view biblical events through the filter of our own modern western culture. There Maccabean revolt a weak compact between Demetrius Nicator and Jonathan.

The Maccabean revolt had begun, in B.

Second Temple

Although the spiritual power of the Pharisees had increased greatly, the Sadducean aristocracy was able to keep at the helm in politics.

In the year BCE, after more than years of subjugation, the Jews were again masters of their own fate. This alone should be proof that, on a basic level, Pharisaism and Christianity did not conflict.

Both sides sought the help of Jonathan and his growing army of rebel forces. The kingdom regained boundaries not far short of Solomon's realm and Jewish life flourished. And the pleasure loving Sadducees were indifferent to all that was vital to having a relationship with God.

Judas of Galilee led rebellion from AD 3. Joseph held his position until his death. He was a good man who sought to stop the Hellinization of the priesthood and the people.

The Maccabean Revolt Is the First Religious War

He took Aristobulus and his two sons, intending to take them as prisoners, but they escaped before reaching Rome. His son-in-law, who was Governor of Jericho, decided to attempt to seize power for himself.

The Bible is very clear when it states we will reap what we have sown. The only thing lacking was a simple trust in the living God. Antiochus Epiphanes invaded Egypt. Their popularity is said to have been so high that they were listened to even when they criticized the king or the high priest.

Herod's decision to appoint the high priest had a major impact on the operation of the Temple. Jonathan more than sustained the dignity of Judas. The Mishna superceded the Word of God, and has been used as the Jewish gospel ever since.

They denied the resurrection of the dead, as well as the existence of spirit beings. Simon the high priest became the head of the Sanhedrim, the high court of the Jews. Battering rams destroyed the main tower and 12, people perished by the sword and by fire.

It was the high priest, Joiada's son, Jonathan that Nehemiah chased from the temple because he married the daughter of Sanballat the Horonite who was the enemy of the rebuilding of the temple.

He imprisoned Phasael and Hyrcanus and would have apprehended Herod, but he fled. When the war eventually ended, Josephus records that Alexander transported some of his Jewish prisoners of war, most of them probably Pharisees, "to Jerusalem, and did one of the most barbarous acts in the world to them; for as he was feasting with his concubines, in the sight of all the city, he ordered about eight hundred of them to be crucified; and while they were living, he ordered the throats of their children and wives to be cut before their eyes " Bk.

Malichus was then killed by one of Herod's agents. When Herod was appointed king by the Romans, he no longer nominated the chief priests from the ancient lineage, but conferred the honour upon certain obscure individuals. As a further cause for boasting in Philippians, Paul claims to be a Pharisee.

At every stage, an attempt is made to identify the groups supporting the Hasmoneans, a vexed question not sufficiently clarified by the ancient sources.

Jaddua remained as high priest during this time and died around B. He even went so far as to abolish the Pharisaic practices that had been enacted into law and punish those who observed them. His Pharisaic loyalty is a present commitment, not a recently jettisoned stage of his religious past cf.

The leopard will lay down with the kid. Hyrcanus and Antipater plotted with Aretas, the king of Arabia, to overthrow Aristobulus with an army of 50, troops. Pompey allowed Hyrcanus to remain high priest and the temple service to continue.

He was referred to as the Anti-Christ of the Old Testament.

The Maccabees/Hasmoneans: History & Overview

The Maccabean Revolt. The History of Hanukkah. Hanukkah, The Festival of Lights. Jewish Holidays. 2 Maccabees and 4 Maccabees recount the martyrdom of seven Jewish brothers, their mother and their teacher. Although these are not said to be of the Maccabee family, they are referred to in Christianity as the Holy Maccabean Martyrs or the Holy Maccabees.

Antiochus IV, Epiphanes was determined to completely destroy all worship of the one true God. In his efforts to accomplish this end he slaughtered many thousands of the people of Israel. After the death of Alexander the Great, his Kingdom was divided into four; Egypt, the Seleucid Empire, the Kingdom of Pergamon and Macedon (including Greece).

Egypt, governed by Ptolemy I. Dec 09,  · The Maccabean Revolt (Hebrew: מרד החשמונאים ‎‎; Greek: Επανάσταση των Μακκαβαίων) was a Jewish rebellion, lasting from to BC, led by the Maccabees against the Seleucid Empire and the Hellenistic influence on Jewish life. Timeline In the narrative of I Maccabees, after Antiochus issued his decrees forbidding Jewish religious practice, a rural.

The Royal Archives of Tel al-Amarna, Egypt, contained letters written in cuneiform script. This clay tablet is one of six letters written to Egyptian kings by the ruler of Jerusalem shortly after BC.

Maccabean revolt
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The Maccabean Revolt