Understand professional supervision

Regrettably, not only did her performance not improve, it deteriorated further and she began phoning in sick at very short notice when it was apparent that she was in no way unwell; this was confirmed by other members of staff who observed the individual concerned shopping in the local town having earlier phoned in to say she was ill.

Reasons and types of rewards will be discussed during stage one when objectives are outlined. Measuring to learn and improve performance Measuring for learning and improvement is the most natural form of using PIs and something we do every day in our daily lives.

Be able to undertake the preparation for professional supervision with supervisees Supervision is a two way process in which the supervisor and supervisee meet to discuss professional performance and to take accountability for any occurrences.

Professional supervision

Reflection is very important it gives someone chance to revisit a time and work out what happened why and how it could have been changed. Output — case loads Impact — Standards, behaviour, completion of work objectives.

Staff, who are underperforming should have been made aware of this during their regular supervision so appraisal is not the place to bring this up. This is the preferred method used by our team. I always conduct supervisions and mine are also conducted in an office where there is privacy and no interruptions.

When conducting the supervision I need to take observations made by myself or others on the quality of practice either positive or negative.

The main goal of performance management is to ensure that the organisation as a system and its subsystems work together in an integrated fashion for accomplishing optimum results or outcomes.

Setting roles and responsablities of team and individuals. This means employers in health and social care settings should therefore ensure that there is supervision framework and ensure effective supervision takes place.

Strategic supervisors could first manipulate supervisees to change their behaviour, then once behaviour is altered, initiate discussions aimed at supervisee insight.

Whenever carrying out supervisions I never use my senior role as a source of power. Confrontational feedback may not be comfortable experience for the supervisee because they feel powerless.

Speak with clients regarding satisfaction. Since power permits the relationship at a number of levels it is imperative that the supervisor develops strategies to balance the power in a professional context. There are many ways of showing and providing support.

Hawkins and Sheet note that the need for skilled supervisors, good training within supervision and for theory and research in social work has increased. 1.

Understanding professional supervision practice Essay

Understand the purpose of supervision Evaluate the theoretical approaches to professional supervision The theoretical thoughts around supervision come from the student and teacher, the supervisee learning from the supervisor.

Supervision also considers the ethical professional development, and often the personal development, of the counsellor. Supervision is a professional service which encourages the counsellor in the process of self awareness whilst facilitating self-learning which results in ongoing professionalism.

Professional supervision

Evaluate theoretical approaches to professional supervision It is important that supervisions are conducted on a regular basis to promote the professional development of the staff member and to resolve any issues that the staff member may be facing whether that /5(1).

Understand the purpose of professional supervision in health and social care or children and young people’s work settings. Analyse the principles, scope and purpose of professional supervision.

Supervisions need to be on-going to be as effective as possible and gives the opportunity to reflect on the development of the staff member. 4 Understand how professional supervision supports performance.

Explain the responsibility of the supervisor in setting clear targets and performance indicators: Discuss the performance management cycle.

Health And Social Care Or Children And Young People Settings Essay Sample

Compare methods that can be used to measure performance. Understand how the principles of supervision can be used to inform performance management Explain the key principles of effective professional supervision The key principle of supervision is for the worker to be able to carry out their job role as effectively as possible.

Health And Social Care Or Children And Young People Settings Essay Sample Understand professional supervision
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